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10 part Group Course of Vitality Self Coaching adapted to the current needs

Format: Online Session: Presentation + Q&A/Talk Circle (1-3 hours, average 90min)

WhatsApp Group: support, exchange of resources, ideas, challenges, successes

Resources: session recordings (video, audio, chat), cloud folder with relevant materials (e.g. slides, handouts, links, recipes, shopping lists (food, supplements, herbs (immune, adaptogens, stress, sleep, digestion), detox (binders, colon kit), kitchen and home first aid appliances), guides (3 Pillar Summary, Immune Resilience, Adaptogens, etc.)

Suggested Schedule: x2/month (1week meet, 1 week off) for 5 months (with optional monthly mini vitality circles for 30min sharing, QnA and mutual support).

Fee: $200/session/group max 20 (more participants = less fee for each; less participants = more opportunity to address each participant’s unique needs during each session and Vitality Circle).

Total course fee: $2000 includes 11 sessions (pre-course+10part course), 6 optional mini Vitality Circles (5 monthly meet ups and 1 follow up after the course to support and answer any new questions), Vitality Project Chapter WhatsApp (or Telegram) Group support, Resources.

Course Overview:

(0) Pre-course FREE Vitality Talk Circle to meet each other, understand most urgent needs, challenges, desires, requests; discuss the course usefulness and practical applications; first simple Vitality Learning 4H tips for best results in learning anything.

(1) VITALITY PROJECT @ C.Era Overview:

-3 Key Principles of Healthy Life: Detox, Nourish, Flow @ Body, Mind, Spirit

-Self-Coaching GPS: What to trust when you are not an expert, How to read science, Natural Wisdom & Book Learning, Different Ways to Listen to Yourself (how to hear your body’s needs, pain/symptoms/emotions as clues, role of intuition, gut feeling, muscle testing, bioresonance, body maps), positive psychology, NVC, Power of Now

(2-10) 3x3 Modules designed specifically for the group based on the individual participants’ needs, challenges, requests expressed during the pre-course vitality circle and the first session of the course. Topics may include:

-Nutrition, Digestive Health, Healing Recipes (Immune Balance, Stress Resilience, Leaky Gut Repair, Liver Support, Super Brain, Restorative Sleep, Anxiety/Depression Recovery, Healthy Heart & Blood)

-Detox (Body: Gut, Liver, Kidneys, Parasite, Heavy Metal, Vax Detox & Heal; Clean House; Safe Tech)

-Flow (Grounding, Live Water Hydration, Movement Vitality (MicroMoves, Moon Gym, Inversions, Rebounding, Static Exercises, 5 Tibetans, Dance Therapy, Dog Walk), Breathing (Strelnikova Paradox Breathing, Belly Breathing, Guided Breath Healing), Biotherapy, Circulatory Systems Support (Blood, Lymph, Body-Mind & Emotional Flow)

VP for C: Spike Protein, Virus, Autoimmune (Hypo-Hyper Immune), Cancer, Brain (Prion Diseases Mad Cow/vCJD, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson), Mental Health, Reproductive, Hormones, Thrombo-Inflammation (Heart/CV), HIV, Allergy, Asthma, Skin, and Hydrogel/Nano: parasites, leaky cascade: gut, capillaries, lungs, brain, and skin), transhumanist tech/EMF.

C.Clarity: Big picture, Psychology, Science

C.Myths: Stats, PCR, Masks, Disinfectants, Lockdowns, Vax, Algorithm/Number Medicine

C.Plan: Do & Don’t of Prevention, Treatment and Detox; understanding and minimizing risks, creating your medical team, confident decision making with informed consent, tests, regenerative lifestyle solutions, legal & ethical

Artificial Immunity: History, Safety & Efficacy, Detox

Above there is the course write up for any group (family, friends, small business etc) up to 20 participants.

Each group is unique and I do my best to adapt the course content to these needs to make it as useful as possible. To do that I invite potential participants to meet for a free talk circle and meet each other. This way people can hear about my concepts and the course content. They can share their stories and desires with me and ask me any questions they might have about the upcoming course. We practically co-create the course to suit the situation.

We can choose the most suitable day of the week and time of the day for our regular sessions.

Together we can decide on the course intensity too. Some groups (I call them Vitality Project Chapters) want to meet weekly, while others prefer bimonthly rhythm to have enough time to study, shop, implement and absorb).

Let me know if you have any questions.

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