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Eating well on any budget

Updated: Sep 14, 2017

If you can not find or afford "perfect" food options there are always ways to go for "better". Let's say you are traveling or can not access a wholesome home cooked meal for another reason check out food courts. Many times you can spot a juice booth there or a smoothie stall. For a healthier drink just ask for "no sugar, no ice" version and if they offer berries go wild with them to max the nutrition. I suggest to juice much more vegetables than fruit. Enjoy the fruit biting its juicy goodness with all the fiber intact to prevent the blood sugar spikes. At the food courts there are usually at least one vegetarian place where you can find brown rice. If you are not vegetarian you can always add whatever you desire to that wholesome grain dish.

Some of the easiest ways to eat well without spending a fortune is to upgrade the foods you normally consume using techniques I call Kitchen Magic. Three main Magic tricks are Juice, Ferment and Sprout. Thanks to these hacks your food becomes less toxic, more nutritious and easier to absorb effectively upgrading your diet. I talk in detail about the Kitchen Magics in my Superfood Nutrition Workshop and for even deeper understanding of each of them there are Fermentation, Juicing and Sprouting Workshops that can be taken separately.

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