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3 Roots of Disease, 3 Healing Strategies

Every healing modality explains the cause of disease in its own unique way, based on the world view and the knowledge available to its practitioners. Most natural health systems when dealing with the chronic conditions share the same strategy. They address a combination of toxicity, deficiency and stagnation.

This means that the solutions are found in detoxification (removing what you don’t need), nourishment (getting what you do need) and movement (flow of nutrients in and toxins out, flow of thoughts and feelings).

The paradigm of 3 roots of disease: “Toxicity, Deficiency and Stagnation” is simple yet all-encompassing. When we say TOXICITY it means not only metabolic waste that is not removed in timely manner. It includes toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, toxic life programs we inherit, learn and create. Toxicity can be physical, biochemical, mental, emotional, spiritual…

DEFICIENCY can be a diet of empty dead food. Emotional starvation is common. We are educated that it is wrong to love yourself, care and respect your needs, nurture your feelings. So we become deficient in “Vitamin Love”. How can you give others something you don’t have for yourself first?

STAGNATION is death on many levels. Change, flow, movement is our natural healthy state. A cell that cannot get waste products OUT and oxygen with other nutrients IN dies. Blocked flow of blood causes necrosis in the tissue. When you need to sit longer than 15minutes change your position, stand up from time to time. Stagnation is applicable to any aspect of our being: physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Interrupted flow of any energy is a serious issue.

The body sends us signals of pain. And it is up to us to interpret them. We can just turn this “fire alarm” off and keep on sleeping in the burning house or we investigate, find the source and extinguish it.

Next time you feel discomfort ask yourself:

1) What can I detox out of your system that is harmful? Do I have a bowel movement every morning? May be there are subconscious programs you don’t need any more that sabotage your health and happiness?

2) What is missing? What are you deficient in? Is it nutrients? Knowledge? Acceptance? Love?

3) What is blocking the healing energy? How can you restore the flow of nutrients, oxygen, feelings, thoughts…?

So when you choose a therapy or a healing modality, check if it addresses Toxicity, Deficiency or Stagnation. If the answer is “none”, well, maybe it is yet another way to mask the problem and not resolve the root cause. A good example is a painkiller for a headache. Many times a glass of water we drink to chase the painkiller pill is the real therapeutic agent, because many headaches are caused by dehydration itself or by toxic waste that cannot be removed due to the lack of vehicle – water. So before reaching for the pill drink a couple of glasses of warm water, wait 10-15 minutes. Chances are you will not need that pill after all.

The modern medicine approach to health problems is highly specialized: “a pill for every ill”. But all the pharmaceuticals are inherently toxic and we are not deficient in these chemicals.

Choose the modalities of healing with these 3 roots in mind as a kind of GPS in the confusing web of possible roads to the health and happiness.

Happy healing!

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

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