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The original draft, Change Letter, with which the Berlin campaign was launched, has a special significance. With its contrasting interplay of hardness and subtlety, it lends emphasis to texts and headlines. The conically shaped strokes and angled diagonals in the letters A, M, V, W, v and w make it unmistakable. The typewriter look, enriched with slab serifs, carries the three-line core messages of the campaign and becomes a set piece for all Berliners. With three fixed letter widths, it is located between monospaced and proportional typefaces and makes the texts it is set in appear strong and self-confident.

Файл: Notruf.112.Emergency Call ...

As part of its rebirth, the character set of Change has also been enlarged. This also applies to the glyphs for non-Latin languages, which were checked and tested by Amélie Bonet (Cyrillic and Greek) and Donny Truong (Vietnamese). Finally, small caps across all weights extend the typographic variety. We plan to give Change Letter the same treatment at a later date, enriching the family with a completely new monospace variant as well as pictogram fonts. The latter are already in use sporadically on our website

Nuclear energy must be used. Historically, loss of life from nuclear energy is lower than other forms of energy. Unfortunately, there is no 100% safe, efficient energy source yet. Let's keep using the cleanest form we know of, nuclear.

I was insulted when I heard this type of nuclear energy called "clean energy". Who do they think they are kidding? This type of nuclear energy produces some of the deadliest waste on Earth and it remains that way for hundreds if not thousands of years. What a tragedy we are leaving the future inhabitants of this planet! 57,000 square miles around Chernobyl is now uninhabitable. Not to mention the tens of thousands of human beings and their children whom suffered. Some looking like something out of Frankenstein! God have mercy on us all!!!

We need to look at the cause and build safely but for the short term nuclear is a better option for the US than importing oil from enemies. For all we know right now, this was due to the tsunami waters which were not accounted for in the design. So, logically, we would look at reactors that would be susceptible to a simliar natural catastrophe and not make broad judgements about nuclear as a power source.

Absolutely! Nuclear power is still the safest form of energy in existence, and frankly, despite all the hype and fear mongering of the overall press, the Japanese reactors have *still* not caused harm to anyone, and there is still doubt if they will. Yes, the Chernobyl accident was harmful, but that is not a condemnation of nuclear power, but rather of flawed Soviet reactor design. TMI? Another basically minimal event that was handled properly, that the media whipped up into something is wasn't. If folks consider only the facts and the physics, the choice is obvious. If folks want to base decisions on ignorance and irrational fear, we all might as well live in caves . . .

Nuclear power shouldn't be used for anything. We are all looking on in this desperate turn of events with absolutely no power to do anything. Nuclear power can not be controlled once released. Since we live on this force of nature called Earth, we can't guarantee total safety.

To answer your question concerning should nuclear power be used as a source of energy? No it shouldn't but since it has been utilized it isn't much we can do now since it something that can't be destroyed, just waiting to destroy us. What we can do at this point is stop using the nuclear as a source of energy and utilize other methods which are not harmful to mankind. What is happening over in Japan should be not only a eye opener to us, but a wake up call to stop using this material for energy...

The US could shut down many of its power plants (nuclear or otherwise) by pursing efficiency. Ironically, Japan would be a great model to follow. They have maintained one of the world's highest standard of living for decades by pursing a policy of energy efficiency.

I tried to present a solution to a world wide problem. "Fly in gas powered pumps with a direct draw from the sea." I was told on air not to send messages. I can't call the U.S President with this solution. I guess this isn't the channel either. Oh well... come what may.

With reguard to Nuclear Power, does anyone remember the universally accepted scientific law called Murphy's Law. It states "What can go wrong Will go wrong". In light of this, what rational person would be in favor of Nuclear Power plants?

NO. Although there is no other single source that can generate such a large KW output of energy, worldwide and more specifically here in the USA, we need to do more to reduce the need for such large quantities of energy. That is the real dilemma. It comes down to risk/benefit analysis. The potential for catastrophic outcomes far outweighs the low cost and high output that nuclear power provides. If there were better designs, more monitoring and an absolute way to destroy (not store) the waste products of these plants then the cost would also be higher and there would be no advantage. We have allowed public safety to be compromised for the oldest reason in the world, corporate profits.Also the renewal of the 20 year permits to operate plants that are located on fault lines here in the US should never be allowed.

Nuclear is OBVIOUSLY not safe,,, we have had numerous close calls here in the U.S, that the media never cover or hear about. Our aging fleet of reactors is brittle, leaking and working beyond their capacity and designed life span. We are playing Russian roulette. New nuclear will be very very expensive, even more than wind or solar, and the GOP is trying to fast track new reactors. allowing even less time for serious study of designs or safety features. We still have no where to put the waste with the geologic unsuitability of Yucca mountain, and NO state wants to be the nuclear waste dump of the country. The industry is fraught with problems not the least is its dependency on Federal and taxpayer loan guarantees and subsidies, since Wall street considers it too high risk for serious private investment. Time to move on to take advantage of massive offshore and landbased wind, and Southern and Western solar potential. Coupled with aggressive energy efficiency, this would negate the need for new nuclear.

If we are to do anything about global climate change before it is too late, nuclear power is absolutely necessary. While the accidents have been scary to a public that seems to ignore the order of magnitutegreater impact of coal fired power plants in terms of lung cancer, nuclear power has numerically had an increasingly good safety record. Since the Nautilus went to sea in 1955 the US Navy has had over 7000 reactor years of experience with several hundred naval combat vessels. Two submarines have been lost but thorough analysis of these accidents showed that the cause was not lnuclear.As for the amount of radioactive waste, consider that our latest nuclear submarines NEVER refuel so the hull must be able to storethe original nuclear fuel and all the waste products. Coal plants buildmountains of coal ash and require typically 100 coal cars a day to fuel them. The reason you see Chinese in the major cities wearing breath-ing masks on the streets is because of the long term use of coal as a fuel. Solar and wind can't possibly provide more than a few percent of our energy requirements.

I have no fears of a meltdown on us soil! My issue is the Spent Fuel Rods! We are just creating a serious problem! It is simply stupid to call Radioactive Nuclear waste a clean form of energy! Plus just because you store the waste on site dose not mean it is safe! We will still need to deal with it sooner or later. Just putting your head in the sand or closing you eyes will not wish the problem away! Not Safe, Not Clean, Not good!

Absolutely not. Nuclear Power fails in every catagory: safety, economics and as a ready way to avoid climate change.This is the third catstrophic acident in an industry that makes exhorbitant claims safety through "low risk" assessments,Wall Strret says the worst investment risk! Plus all the so called "externailties: mining, waste disposal, liabilty insurance etc, are all shoved of on taxpayers and rate payers. (What happened to letting the free martket economy let the failures drop out?)We need a major shift and full stean ahead with Eng eff., renewables and a smart grid. We have seen what happens when macro enrgy systems fail in a tragic horrific way. We need local distributive energy systems.

I feel that most people think nuclear power is a viable and relatively non polluting source of energy. However, using it safely must be our primary concern and that means providing much more funding, research and oversight than is currently evident in this and other countries. The U.S. currently has 20% of our electricity produced by fission plants. Some of these reactors are not only as dated as the failing Japanese design, but are also dangerously sited in locations that are very susceptible to some of the same destructive Earth changes: Quakes, Tsunami, Vuncanism...etc.. The cost to retrofit those plants or build new more robust ones is just too great to be very economically viable. In addition, there is quite simply NO truly safe place to dispose of or store such highly radioactive wastes as those generated by fission. The half-life of some is tens of thousands of years. What kind of language can you put on a warning sign that is guaranteed to still be understandable that many years from now? Even currently used graphic signs may be misinterpreted by future generatrions. I feel we should, instead, invest just as heavily, the sooner the better, in alternate sources of energy. The technology currently exists to start changing over to safer, cleaner ways of producing energy. We should take advantage of the current public awareness of the tragedy in Japan to rethink our energy solutions. 041b061a72

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