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{FSX} FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack

FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack

If you are a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and you love flying with EasyJet, one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe, then you might be interested in the FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack. This is a collection of 40 set flights or missions that will challenge your flying skills and enhance your experience with FSX.

What is FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack?

FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack is a product by FsxAdventures, a company that specializes in creating realistic and immersive missions for FSX. The product contains 40 missions that are based on real routes flown by EasyJet, one of the most popular airlines in Europe. The missions cover various destinations across Europe and Africa, such as London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Venice, Ibiza, Casablanca, and more. The missions are designed to be realistic and challenging, with different weather conditions, flight durations, and difficulties. You will also get detailed mission briefs, checklists, Google Maps satellite images of destination airports, Yahoo weather links, Wikipedia links to destinations, airport ISL charts and booklets, and adopted briefs with charts for in-flight viewing via kneeboard. You will fly the default Boeing 737-800 aircraft with high-resolution FSX textures. The product is compatible with FSX only and requires an internet connection to access some of the features.

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Why should you buy FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack?

If you are looking for a way to spice up your FSX experience and enjoy flying with EasyJet, then FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack is a great choice for you. You will get to fly to some of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in Europe and Africa, while following realistic and challenging flight plans. You will also learn more about the history and culture of each destination, thanks to the Wikipedia links and the mission briefs. You will also improve your flying skills and knowledge, as you will have to follow the checklists, the ATC instructions, and the airport charts. You will also have to deal with different weather scenarios, such as fog, rain, snow, wind, turbulence, and more. You will also have fun and excitement, as each mission has a different story and objective. For example, you might have to deliver medical supplies to a remote village in Africa, or rescue stranded tourists from a volcanic eruption in Iceland. You will never get bored with FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack.

How can you buy FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack?

You can buy FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack from simMarket, one of the leading online stores for flight simulation products. The product costs 14.99 (approximately $17.50) and you can pay with various methods, such as PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, or Bitcoin. You will receive an email with a download link and a serial number after your purchase. You can also download the product from F2H, a free file hosting service that allows you to send and receive large files. You can also find more information about the product on Fly Away Simulation, one of the largest flight simulation websites that offers downloads, news, reviews, forums, and more.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about FSX FSXAdventures - EasyJet Mission Pack and why you should buy it if you are a fan of FSX and EasyJet. Happy flying!

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